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Oh-So / 5


Oh-So / 5

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Prior to the global pandemic we had just returned from a trip to California where we joined Sky Brown and Rayssa Leal to watch them skate together. It was positioned as a small skate-trip (riding in the van was included) we visited a few local spots—it was amazing. That was when the world was another way. We began to realize that the road trip has more lessons to offer us in this moment than previously thought. While it is a reminder of our desire for interconnectedness, it is also a reminder that movement (traveling near or far) brings wonder and awe to our lives. Through it all, travel always continues and so skateboarding and the road trip will also continue. We also celebrate Allysha Le’s prominent place in the Global Skate Scene, the emerging talent of Giovana Dias (Brazil), Haylie Powell (Australia) and among others the amazing Jordan Santana (Texas) who is on the journey to skate during next year’s Olympics, Tokyo 2021!




Oh-So magazine was created after founder Rob Hewitt’s daughter took an interest in skateboarding one summer. After struggling to find any gear that appealed to her, Rob set out on a mission to find something that she could identify with, while she immersed herself in the history of female skateboarding. Ultimately, this led to the development of a magazine that celebrates the stories behind the global female skateboarding scene.

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