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Offal magazine - issue 1 - Reading Room


Offal / 1

€ 24,00Prezzo

It’s not for everyone…


Issue 1 of OFFAL includes an exclusive story by award-winning author Ned Beauman, an opera by cult electronic musician Actress, a reverie by artist Scott King, and 4D song lyrics by artist Gemma Anderson. There’s an exclusive entry by author Max Porter, a short play by The White Hotel’s Austin Collings, Apple Sourz and Marlboro Lights with writer Alice-Louise MacGillivray, and an exclusive contribution by modernist fiction legend Gabriel Josipovici. 


There’s also an extract by Viz writer Barney Farmer, a short story by musician Alexander Tucker, erasure poetry from author Nat Ogle, photography and verse by Jermaine Francis and Irfan Master, as well as a recipe for how to cook Leviathan, a chat with Slick Rick about prison food, fictional MP appointments, and an unsolicited business proposal for Thom Yorke. Plus free parties, unmade film ideas, and further sweepings from the cultural factory floor.


OFFAL is an independent journal of literary offcuts and artistic experiments, celebrating and shedding new light on the leftovers, scraps and experiments of the creative process


OFFAL is also a cult AI-voiced comedy/ literature radio show, or ‘audio zine’, drawing on and adding to the publication. (‘the Blue Jam comparisons are irresistible’ – Dazed)


Issue 1 of OFFAL comes with a free download of the first six episodes of the show.

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