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OASE magazine - issue 116 - Reading Room

OASE / 116

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OASE116 - The Architect as Public Intellectual


The role of the architect is about more than designing buildings. Architecture and space are always related to social issues and challenges. This means that architects may be well placed to contribute to the public debate on challenges related to climate change, mobility issues, the housing crisis, healthcare and migration. Social geographers and sociologists, journalists and planners often make the link between the built environment and social issues. However, designers are rarely heard in the debate, or are not allowed to be. This may be because both the profession and the public debate reduce architecture to aesthetics and architects to designers. As a result, social, environmental, economic and political challenges are lost from view, and no one notices how and with what knowledge and skills architects could contribute to the debate. 


This issue of OASE explores the role of architects as public intellectuals and the ways in which they contribute to society beyond design.




Published two times a year, each OASE provides a rigorous investigation of a specific theme, featuring architecture, urban design and landscape design and insisting on the discussion of the historical and theoretical aspects of contemporary issues.

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