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Nuts - issue 1 - Reading Room


Nuts / 1

€ 45,00Prezzo

Richard Turley and his Food team are back with another piece of experimental magazine making. His latest project Nuts subverts the visual and verbal language of the fashion magazine.The run of pages move past you like a movie—this is a time-based medium—and we learn to be adept at reading the blur as it passes. We stop here, there, we flick in the other direction and back. An overall impression is gained, before we revisit some of the stories that caught our eye. A reader can feel they have ‘read’ a magazine without actually engaging indepth with any longform piece of written content. They’ve measured the balance between text and image, gauged its design language, and enjoyed the feel of the paper and the smell of the ink. And decided whether or not to dig deeper. Nuts has been created to sate the above senses. The paper is a thin, off-white stock and the content has been printed in low-contrast black and white throughout. The combination of large pages and thin substrate highlights its physicality, and makes the magazine eminently flickable. Doing so confirms you’re experiencing a fashion magazine: there are multiple full-bleed images of young people in various situations, inside and outside. There are definitely clothes going on.

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