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NOMAS / 13


Nomas 13 explores the connection between time and contemporary art. Artists from all over the world create original work about time for Nomas, or contribute existing projects relating to time. The issue is a Noah‘s Ark of the precious things highlighted by the lockdown forced upon us by the coronavirus. Browsing through its pages, one may feel like embarking on a journey via contemporary art.


On the cover: Maurizio Cattelan, Untitled, 2020, curated by Massimiliano Gioni, commissioned for Nomas Magazine.


NOMAS magazine is a biannual edition for the wanderers of this world.

Walking the city streets or roaming the country side, NOMAS gazes at people and places with the curiosity, the joy and the longing of a Nomad, the desire to belong, even for a while, to another culture.

NOMAS explores a different destination in every issue. The magazine’s editors and photographers dive into local life: Art, fashion, food culture, famous and everyday people, everything that makes a place unique in an ever-changing wor

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