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Noisé magazine - issue 3 - Reading Room


Noisé / 3

€ 37,00Prezzo

Introducing noisé Limited Edition 03: This collector's edition spans 400 ad-free pages and explores the theme of The Last Unicorn.


The main issue features include a 48-page narrative on artist Cai Guo-Qiang, with perspectives from his daughters Wen-You and Wenhao Cai. Additionally, five fashion editorials spotlight models Simona Kust, Kerolyn Soares, Lara Mullen, Giedre Dukauskaite, and Maike Inga. The issue also offers an examination of the endangered Siberian tigers, interviews with the last guardians of culture, an online panel with the president of the Loewe Foundation and Loewe Crafts Prize finalists, and stories from 9 independent bookstore owners.


Each issue comes with two monumental supplements:




This supplement serves as a comprehensive tribute to Louise Bourgeois, delving into various aspects of her multifaceted legacy. The content includes unpublished material sourced from the Easton Foundation, providing a unique insight into the artist’s world. Key contributors include Deborah Wye, Helmut Lang, and Jerry Gorovoy, each offering their individual viewpoints on Bourgeois. Deborah Wye, who has previously curated Bourgeois major exhibitions, describes this supplement as an "ambitious piece."




Not merely a collaboration, but a deep-dive into the artistic persona of Helmut Lang. This supplement includes exclusive, previously unpublished content that has been curated to showcase the lesser-known aspects of Lang as an artist. Contributors include esteemed photographers and creatives Elfie Semotan, Bruce Weber, Daniel Trese, Glen Luchford, Fabien Baron, and other close collaborators, whose work gives shape to a multifaceted portrait of Lang.




Born on the summer solstice, 2016, noisé initiated the journey with creatives and artists in the art and fashion industry. This year, we make it print.

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