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Noisé magazine - issue 2 - Reading Room


Noisé / 2

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02 A Falling Leaf Heralds Autumn


This is an old saying in China from over 2000 years ago. It’s not only showing a poetic scene but indicating the wisdom that we may divine the whole from a part, and we may speculate a tendency and foresee a result by observing and understanding the details.


In this second issue, we take this as a thread, and focus on our obsession to details. We invite our contributors and our readers to dive into the world of subtlety that reveals profound meanings.


- Tang Siyu, editor-in-chief/creative director, noisé




Born on the summer solstice, 2016, noisé initiated the journey with creatives and artists in the art and fashion industry. This year, we make it print.

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