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NOIA magazine - issue 3 - Reading Room

NOIA / 3

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States is the third installment of NOIA magazine


States are the conceptual and physical constructions of borders - however tenuous - to define ideas and purport control. They are artifices presented as logic, defended as truths, manipulated as oppressions. Fluid and influenceable, we can recreate and redefine the states of the world today. The borders we establish, whether they are physical borders between nations or intellectual borders defining ideas, these constructs of self, country, object, subject, concept can be challenged and pushed into states of flux..


In the realm of facts and truths, it is important to recognise that knowledge and understanding are not fixed entities. They evolve over time as new evidence emerges, perspectives shift, and societies progress. Therefore, it is crucial to continuously analyze, critique, and challenge the states of facts and truths that have been established.


By recognising the fluidity and manipulable nature of states, both literal and metaphorical, we can actively participate in shaping the world and its future trajectory. This can involve advocating for more inclusive and equitable systems, challenging oppressive structures, and embracing diversity and change. It is through continuous reevaluation and the pursuit of knowledge that we can strive for a more just and progressive world.


Interviews + Articles:


Center for Archival Interpretation 

Andrew Chee


Mild Routines

Michela Zoppi


Broken Landscape



Eulogy for Foxfonna Glacier

Caitlin Jakusz Paridy


The Game

Gareth Proskourine-Barnett



Various artists



A. F. Friis-Andersen & A. M. Arevad Gade


Of Shadows and Lights

Interview to Marie Queau by Alexia Autissier


Every Prophet is a Loss

Wassim Z. Alsindi


Identity through a Decolonial Object

Miguel Zambrano



Featured Artists:

More than 70 photographers, filmmakers, and artists from around the world




NOIA – the Italian word for boredom – is an independent magazine born from a creative reaction to lockdown and isolation. Rooted in collaborations between artists, designers, photographers, writers, and other creatives, NOIA sources a diverse range of expressions and perspectives to create visual responses toward contemporary critical issues. This issue features thought-provoking interviews with agencies and artists exploring new ways of working, articles from creatives challenging the status quo, and a series of collaborative diptychs that combine unique visuals from cross-disciplinary artists.

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