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Newspaper Magazine - Issue 2 - Reading Room


Newspaper / 2

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Volume Five - Number Two


Newspaper was started in 1969 by Steve Lawrence, and it ran for nine issues till 1971. With prototypes developing around 1968, it was a small press publication that spotlighted work by figures of the Downtown NY scene. A pivotal publication for the time, Newspaper was a product of the conceptual art movement and an emphasis on media systems and subversion. In 1970 it was part of the Information show at MoMA -- widely acknowledged as the first large survey on conceptual art. Over the years and after the AIDS crisis, Newspaper was lost and Steve Lawrence's work faded into obscurity. Not much information on Newspaper exists, and as an art historian I'm currently working to contextualize the publication in history under the advisement of Shelley Rice at New York University.


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