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Moreness magazine - issue 3 - Reading Room


Moreness / 3

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Moreness 03 - From Woods to Wood


The paper magazine MORENESS – A monograph on the state of being more investigates and interrogates the Dolomites as a living and lived contemporary space through sets of trans-disciplinary trilogies. Text and image interlace in a narrative that can be read horizontally according to the table of contents or vertically following six hyperlinks running thematically through the volume. Quotes & Notes complete the immersive reading experience pushing the reader beyond the paper confines of the magazine.


Moreness’ mountain trilogy is a metaphorical descent from the pinnacle of high-altitude mountain to the trees and woods populating the back of the boulders, and down to the core of wood and timber. A word-and-image journey into the shades and scale of the Dolomites rendered palpable through a sartorial choice of paper, design and typography, tailored to the materiality and meaning proper of a multidimensional kind of mountain.


Wood is a fundamental resource for the economy and creativity of the the Dolomites, and wood is the focus of the third volume of the trilogy. From craftsmanship to contemporary art, from architecture to design, the authors of MORENESS – From Woods to Wood will question the impact of this material on the life and aesthetic construction of the mountain world. They will recount successful production experiences, interpretations and artistic positions that evolve traditional knowledge, technological innovations applied to the use of this material and the social and economic potential linked to its dissemination. From the Dolomite forest environment to the rest of the world.



Elisa Barison, Michele De Lucchi, Matthias Delueg, Tiziano Fratus, Manuela Kerer, Evelyn Kustatscher, Gabriele Lorenzoni, Cosima Lutz, Katharina Moling, Maria Pichler, Emanuele Quinz, Marco Russo, Stefania Santoni, Mauro Sperandio, Ruth Videsott, Federica Viganò.


Photographers & Artists:

Mercedes Azpilicueta, Ferdinand Cibulka, Katharina Cibulka, Vera Comploj, Ivo Corrà, Claudia Corrent, Mario De Biasi, Michele De Lucchi, Claudia De Zordo, Matthias Delueg, Formafantasma, Martino Gamper, Camilla Glorioso, Luca Guadagnini/MUSEION, Emanuela Ligabue, Christian Martinelli, Gianni Pettena, Sven Sachsalber, Alessandro Sala/Centrale Fies, Joshua Schwartz, Tobias Tavella, Tom Vack, Adolf Vallazza, WEST.Fotostudio, Miro Zagnoli.




Un paper magazine che investiga, interroga e racconta l’ambiente dolomitico contemporaneo, muovendosi liberamente tra linguaggi, forme e discipline.

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