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Mildew magazine - issue 2 - Reading Room


Mildew / 2

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In Mildew Issue 2: the afterlives of granny blankets; one man's quest to resurrect every Gap in-store playlist from the 90s; how a beloved Japanese soap opera shaped the Iranian secondhand trade; an elegy for the estate sale; a vintage fashion lover changes ableist attitudesone pair of thrifted high heels at a time; reminiscence therapy for folks with dementia; Kate Sekules on the virtues of mendingthroughout history; a Cairo flea market tour; hybrid garments from Lithuania; Delila Hailechristos' catch-and-release philosophy; Yana Yatsuk's antiques road trip; how Tiempo De Zafra reimagines textile waste in the Dominican Republic; a conversation on consumption with Aja Barber; and weaving together immigrants in exile with Cassandra Mayela.

Plus: the astrological signs as thrift store paperbacks; the mystery of an old shoe stuffed up the chimney; a radical 70s fashion rag lives on; camo's hidden agenda; trompe-l’oeil falls flat on purpose; preservation as veneration in Jewish material culture; a vintage spree at A Current Affair; a shopping map of Koenji, Tokyo; and applying Oblique Strategies to fashion.





Mildew is an annual print magazine about secondhand fashion and creative reuse, featuring art and writing that inspires us to think about old clothes in new ways. A guide to dressing in the spirit of our times, Mildew revels in the decay of fashion as we knew it.

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