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Middle Plane magazine - issue 7 - Reading Room

Middle Plane / 7


Middle Plane Issue No. 7 is a celebration of nightlife, of joyful crowds and city streets, and of much-needed fun.


This issue features contributions from various contemporary artists for whom night-time activity has been a source of inspiration. Drawing on different scenes and venues, we explore partying from the perspective of the individual, the group, and the residue.


Contributors include: Mark Leckey shot by Alasdair McLellan and styled by Max Pearmain (and in conversation with Akeem Smith on the topics of music/art/’shrooms), Bruce Gilden’s view of girls eating kebabs on their way home (dressed by Katie Burnett, in couture, of course), the lucky so-and-sos who get to party with Hedi Slimane, a walking-bar as seen by Rosie Marks, Vanessa Beecroft in visual dialogue with her daughter Angelica, and loads more.




A bi-annual magazine that explores the relationship between art and fashion through the work of a single artist on each issue. With contributions by different creatives, the results are unpredictable, critical and eerie.

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