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Metal / 50

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I sit down to write this with a somewhat cross-eyed gaze, one eye looking at the past while the other heads straight for the future, almost skimming over the present without touching it, being here but not really. And yet today I force myself to be more present than ever, because sometimes the need to take stock imposes itself, the need to value the achievements made, to celebrate the path travelled, because as the poet said, the path is made by walking, and ours has brought us here: fifty issues and eighteen years. It’s easy to say, but suddenly it hits you with an overwhelming sense of vertigo.





METAL was born in June 2006 in Barcelona as an independent publishing project with a curious eye and an international spirit, a heady mix of fashion, photography and art whose pages can boast some of the hottest talents of the moment. METAL is published twice a year, is available in more than 25 countries and has positioned itself as an A-list magazine. Besides the print magazine, METAL also offer new and exclusive online content.

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