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Metal magazine - issue 49 - Reading Room


Metal / 49

€ 18,00Prezzo


Eartheater, Irene Escolar, Mark Leckey, Esther-Rose McGregor, METTE, Aistė Stancikaitė, Robert Wun, Richard Malone

Angie Couple, Alessandro Raimondo, Ashton Hugh, Constantine Spence, Daria Kobayashi Ritch, JavieRoman, Jenna Marsh, Joel Smedley, Kate Biel, Lucas Christianse, Lara Denova, Mos Regard, Pablo de Pastors, Pablo Mas, Sebastian Kapfhammer, Vidar Logi

Gonzalo Ortuño, Jeanna Krichel, Martxel Montero, Mónica Zafra, Oriol Robert, Raúl Ruz, Stephanie Perez Vvutura, Zion Dezm, Tré Koch





METAL was born in June 2006 in Barcelona as an independent publishing project with a curious eye and an international spirit, a heady mix of fashion, photography and art whose pages can boast some of the hottest talents of the moment. METAL is published twice a year, is available in more than 25 countries and has positioned itself as an A-list magazine. Besides the print magazine, METAL also offer new and exclusive online content.

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