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Magazine magazine - issue 41 - Reading Room


Magazine / 41

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Guest Fashion Director: Helena Tejedor

Creative Director: Angelo Cirimele



Philippe Mangeot — Angelo Cirimele

La mode du «moment» — Adrian Kammarti

Mode et prostitution. La vitesse de l’obscène — Gabrielle Hamilton Smith

Les teen dramas débrandent — Sarah Banon

Online, upcycling et GenZ — Angelo Cirimele

Masques virtuels et hypothèse cyborg — Armance Geulin

Growing (g)old — Rhita Cadi Soussi

Les natures mortes, nouvelles mythologies — Justine Dupuy

Avant que le club ne ferme — Matthieu Peck



The Neighbourhood — Suffo Moncloa, , Alba Melendo

Friends and Family — Pierre-Ange Carlotti, , Helena Tejedor

Laure, Madelaine, Cristina, Paloma — Carlota Guerrero, , Alicia Padrón

New Home — Richard Kern, , Helena Tejedor

Chronicle of an Affair — Mark Peckmezian, , Helena Tejedor

Shadows from Nowhere — Francisco Canton, , Mica Argañaraz

Twenty four Hours — Sebastián Faena, , Helena Tejedor




Style, media and creative industry is our baseline. Each issue is an opportunity to invite a fashion director to imagine the fashion section by composing her creative family: photographers, stylists, models… We conduct interviews with insiders from the luxury world, sometimes off the record, to better deconstruct the mechanisms of this industry. Our writers question the changes in creation, behavior and media, digital and print. We review magazines that renew artistic direction, styling and photography. We love our English friends – and all those who speak their language - so in each issue we translate a selection of texts.

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