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Magazine / 39


Magazine / 39


Guest Fashion Director:

Danielle van Camp


Creative Director:

Angelo Cirimele



Mark Alizart — Angelo Cirimele

Fashion realism — Adrian Kammarti

Trompe-l’œil et maladies de l’âme — Sarah Banon

Choc de cultures — Rhita Cadi Soussi

Mode digitale, mode d’emploi — Armance Geulin

Récits de marque — Angelo Cirimele

La mode depuis TikTok — Philippa Nesbitt

Les autres — Laure Jaumouillé

La Vénus au hachoir — Guillaume Blanc

The Walking Society — Angelo Cirimele

Muy Fragil — Pierre Ponant



Cache cache — Gabriel Fabry & Kalen Hollomon , Danielle van Camp

Mia Senegal — Viviane Sassen , Vanessa Reid

Marie Antoinette — Janneke van Der Hagen , Danielle van Camp

La Baronne — Thomas Mailaender , Danielle van Camp

Sugar sugar — Priscillia Saada , Kieran Kilgallon

Yes Mate! — Joseph Molines , Danielle van Camp

Roses are red — Joyce NG , Dogukan Nesanir




Style, media and creative industry is our baseline. Each issue is an opportunity to invite a fashion director to imagine the fashion section by composing her creative family: photographers, stylists, models… We conduct interviews with insiders from the luxury world, sometimes off the record, to better deconstruct the mechanisms of this industry. Our writers question the changes in creation, behavior and media, digital and print. We review magazines that renew artistic direction, styling and photography. We love our English friends – and all those who speak their language - so in each issue we translate a selection of texts.

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