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Made In Mind magazine - issue 25 - Reading Room


Made In Mind / 25

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The text presents a series of artistic conversations and insights. Marika Marchese discusses with Ornaghi & Prestinari the instability of human relationships and the importance of devoting time to learning and honing skills. Piermario De Angelis explores the work of Suzanne Treister and the Arts at CERN project, which combines art and science through international collaborations with CERN scientists. Elena Solito talks with Lulu Nuti about her artistic research based on the use of raw materials and the energy they bring. Marika Marchese investigates the impact of artificial intelligence on artistic representation at major European photography centers. Ginevra Ludovici converses with Laura Fiorio, whose works interact with existing archives and question power dynamics in image editing. Finally, Eva Adduci discusses with emerging artist Matteo De Nando about his innovative exhibition format "Supporters," presented during the Walk-In Studio festival in 2021.




Made in Mind is an independent publishing project dedicated to the promotion of contemporary visual art.

It’s focus is to provide visibility to young art , particularly for lesser known visual artists to showcase their work to an international audience which includes artists, galleries, museums, curators and others interested in art. The aim is to become a bridge between the art world and artists.

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