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Luxiders Magazine - Issue 5 - Reading Room


Luxiders / 5

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"Welcome to Luxiders Print Issue 5, our bravest one yet! Analyze with us Luxury Brands under the microscope, why are they going sustainable and how. Fall in love with The beauty of Craftmanship. Find with us the Regenerative Future, where poets Roger Robinson and Marge Piercy write stories of paradises, where artists like Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Luca Tombolini, and Jukhee Kwon capture the immensity and sublimity of the inner world. Feel the silence of New York during Covid-19 lockdown. Come with us to Rise & Shine."


Luxiders is the New Intelligent Luxury Magazine for conscious women and men. Based on stories about sustainable fashion, eco design, natural beauty and healthy lifestyle, this magazine fuses the best high-end, progressive, luxury brands and independent designers

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