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luncheon - issue 17 - readingroom


Luncheon / 17

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On the cover: Afterthought by Tim Gutt and Shona Heath, 2024


Spring-Summer 2024 Table of Contents:

Photographs running through the issue of a garden in spring taken by Olivia Laing


Paolo Roversi and Erri de Luca in Naples

Frank Auerbach photographed in his studio by Snowdon

A polaroid of Shane MacGowan at dawn


England Through These Eyes, written by Pádraig Ó Meiscill, paintings by Tayseer Barakat

Elegies for the Angels of Silence by Tai Shani with artworks by Rosalind Nashashibi

Poems to the Sea II by Trinity Ellis

Works and Words by Enrico David

Lord Low of Dalston in conversation with Molly Lawson, photographs by Kuba Ryniewicz


Lives and works by Lisa Brice

Mother Art and Polvo de Gallina Negra in conversation with Hettie Judah

Inspirations by Kazna Asker


William Gedney: Kentucky 1972 by Reginald Moore, in conversation with Erinn Springer and Joshua Berg

Manolo Blahnik in Shoes and Words


Terra Em Trase photographed by Viviane Sassen, styled by George Krakowiak

Junya Watanabe collection photographed by Thue Nørgaard, styled by Robbie Spencer

Les Sculptures Soumbédioune photographed by Malick Bodian, styled by Louise Ford

Les Délicieuses photographed by Clémentine Schneidermann, styled by Ewa Kluczenko


Shine on! by Sadie Coles

Trisha’s by Josefine Skomars, photographed by Jesse Laitinen

Six poems by Freya Morris

 Afterthought by Tim Gutt and Shona Heath

 The Yellow Bittern




LUNCHEON is an independent cultural magazine mixing art, fashion and food. Free spirited in its content this biannual magazine offers readers a generous feast for the eyes and the mind. The essence of conversations over lunch is at its core and each issue is constructed as if a menu. Over the lunch table, the magazine brings together different generations who share opinions, stories and memories, offering us an insight into their unique cultural contributions. 

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