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Lodestars Anthology magazine - issue 16 - Reading Room


Lodestars / 16

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Issue 16: Spain


An ode to slow travel, splendour and sun. Que viva España.


For this magazine, our contributors have descended into caves in the name of cheese, gone in search of volcanoes, wandered ancient pilgrim paths, ridden horses into the sunset, been enthralled by architecture, cooked the way their grandparents did and penned odes to lace. They have explored places that come with meaning. Some destinations are ‘home’, others are steeped in memory, and a few are being discovered for the very first time, the siren’s call impossible to resist. You can read this zest in their words and see the ardour in their images, because when someone creates with love and respect you feel it. You’re there with them. This is how I was reacquainted with Spain - through the eyes of others.


Featured destinations: Ibiza, Tarifa, Oviedo, Toledo, Granada, Segovia, Seville, Valencia, Lanzarote, Montserrat, Formentera, San Sebastián, Santiago de Compostela.




Lodestar: A star used to guide seafaring travellers, most typically Polaris, the North Star. Something that acts as a model or inspiration.

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