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Kaleidoscope magazine - issue 42 - Reading Room


Kaleidoscope / 42




KALEIDOSCOPE's Spring/Summer 2023 issue launches with a set of six covers. Featuring King Krule, Takashi Miike, Popcaan, Jim Shaw, a report into the merchification of the art world, and a special insert by No Agency and Richard Kern.


Also featured in this issue: American novelist Emma Cline (photography by Caroline Tompkins and interview by Lola Kramer), a new series of drawings by Aurel Schmidt (words by Sophie Kemp), Japanese photographer Hiroh Kikai(words by Jeppe Ugelvig), Italian punk band CCCP (words by Achille Filipponi), and “Five NYC Painters”(paintings by Brook Hsu, Francesca Facciola, Michelle Uckotter, Olivia Van Kuiken, and Justine Neuberger, and words by Reilly Davidson).




Founded in 2009 in Milan, KALEIDOSCOPE is the international art media company defined by its curatorial and interdisciplinary attitude towards the New. A combination of ambitious content and iconic design makes it a meeting point for contemporary art and creative communities around the world.

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