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Kajet magazine - issue 5 - Reading Room


Kajet / 5

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The primary goal of the fifth issue of Kajet Journal is to outline a fresh perspective on Eastern Europe's future, aiming to create a new version of Easternfuturism. This approach is not meant to be all-encompassing but rather an invitation for diverse cultural, artistic, and activist groups to interpret the concept in their own unique ways. In recent decades marked by increased uncertainty and instability, the act of envisioning and shaping the future has dwindled in Eastern Europe. The idea of imagining a better future was often seen as a worn-out ideal, associated with privilege, and sometimes entirely disregarded in the collective mindset. Amidst the influences of semiocapitalism and pervasive ideological saturation, thoughts about the future became a juxtaposition of utopia and absurdity, and even the ability to fantasize about what lies ahead was dismissed.




Kajet Journal is a magazine that aims to provide a platform for narratives from Eastern Europe. Born in Titan, a (perhaps former) working-class neighborhood of Bucharest, the magazine emerged out of an urgent need to represent and give voice to Eastern European narratives. The name "Kajet" is derived from the Easternized version of the French "cahier," meaning notebook. The magazine seeks to gather and share thoughts, reflections, and perspectives through a textual and visual collection, serving as an ever-expanding archive. It aims to challenge stereotypes and move beyond a purely anecdotal understanding of Eastern Europe, encouraging the coexistence and thriving of artists and academics in an inclusive environment. The goal is to overturn mentalities, challenge stereotypes, and broaden the perspective of Eastern Europe, balancing the Western-oriented dominance in the field of publications. Kajet Journal seeks to value and celebrate the peculiarities and history of Eastern Europe, dispelling self-imposed feelings of inferiority and promoting a more balanced and authentic view of the region.

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