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J’AIPUR Journal / 1

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  • J’AIPUR Journal is an international arts and culture publication telling East-meets-West stories about people and places that inspire. It was created by Rupi Sood who has spent several years working in the publishing industry as a writer and editor. In addition to leading the creative and editorial direction of J’AIPUR, she is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Contemporary Art and is an active participant in the New York City arts scene.The magazine promotes the tenets of quality journalism and highlights the work of emerging and established creatives who have a connection to the East. It is being produced by a small team of designers, photographers, researchers and writers from around the globe with headquarters in New York. The jewel-like pink city of Jaipur (India) serves as a muse for her beauty, history, and gypset spirit, but the magazine is truly a crossroad where East and West, old and new, creativity and culture, converge to reveal interesting stories along the way.

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