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Iwaken magazine - issue 6 - Reading Room


Iwakan / 6

€ 27,00Prezzo

Iwakan's sixth volume offers a look at patriarchy and the binary systems that shackle what we consider masculinity, in an attempt to imagine and find a way to free ourselves from it. Masculinity is much more than what society would have us think, it is not just for those who have a penis, it belongs to everyone, and this book sets out to explore its evolution into a new era. It includes interviews with Kai Nishii, a researcher who focuses on the issue of incel men in Japan and on whom he wrote his book 'Hi-Mote Kara Hajimeru Dansei Gaku', Sennosuke Kataoka, a renowned Kabuki actor, world-renowned porn star Francois Saga and more.




Iwakan is an independent Japanese magazine launched in October 2020. Using 'discomfort' as a starting point, it approaches the queer culture scene with humour and seriousness to create a movement to claim its own history. It is the product of discussions, explorations and collaborations with others, both inside and outside our community, who share this feeling. Although our exploration may present more questions than answers, we are nevertheless driven by our curiosity to move forward. Using the lens of art, fashion, academic content and more, we explore the ways in which gender, sexuality and binary inform our daily lives and intersect with every aspect of our society and our world. It is a magazine created with queer people at its core, but one that appeals to anyone who feels uncomfortable with the status quo and what society has come to call 'normal'.

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