It's Freezing in LA! Magazine - Issue 7 - Reading Room


It's Freezing in LA! / 7


For its seventh issue, which was released last month, “environmental slow journalism” magazine It’s Freezing in LA! (IFLA!) worked with the theme of regeneration. Disillusioned with empty net zero pledges made by governments and businesses around the world, which have doubled in the last year, the team at IFLA! wanted to explore the “messy, necessary, complex climate actions that truly protect our planet”. To do so, they investigated the different people and movements that “put climate action under a broad lens”, from climate activists working in digital spaces to artists challenging conventional narratives around oil politics, as well as global approaches to regeneration such as “slow fashion in the South Asian diaspora, handling death sustainably, restorative agriculture, and regenerative social housing”.


IFLA! is a non-profit project run by writers, illustrators and editors dedicated to changing the devastating future humanity is facing.