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It's a passion thing magazine - issue 6 - Reading Room


It's a passion thing / 6

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Seydi Dogmus – How to trust life—and your feelings—and become a successful entrepreneur // Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel – The filmmaker duo with an extensive show of their oevre at this year’s Diagonale – Festival for Austrian Film // Ivan Brehm – A new space in Singapore, Appetite, creates meaningful experiences using Crossroads Thinking // Corina Marks & Ryan Flegal – How to choose a life as a marine scientist, and end up running an inn in paradise // Ethan White – From a professional soccer career to being a successful photographer // Marie-Claude Marquis – Vintage housewares combined with irreverent punchlines // Peter Schernhuber & Sebastian Höglinger – Director duo of Diagonale – Festival for Austrian Film in Graz // Nuria Val & Gabriela Salord – Products to nourish skin using the best ingredients from nature // Odile Marchoul – Working with her hands led from sculpting to shiatsu // Pakphum Youttananukorn – Creating a platform for designers and a new interpretation of Thai craftsmanship




IT’S A PASSION THING is an independent journal about people driven by passion and redefining success. 


Sandra Reichl - founder, creative director and designer - founded the magazine in 2018. Karin Novozamsky joined in 2020 by contributing to issue no. 3 and became partner soon after.


Based in Austria - Vienna and Graz - we offer a perspective on life and success by interviewing and portraying people who do things passionately.


The magazine has a strong focus on people, stories, design, and photography. To allow our readers an advertising-free experience, we partner up with one brand per issue that we like and introduce to our readers.

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