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Inland magazine - issue 1 - Reading Room


Inland / 1


Issue 01 | Faroe Islands


For over a year, a diverse team of 15 from across the globe has collaborated to craft a magazine that emphasizes the intertwined essence of people and place. In a world where stories of places are often reduced to tourist highlights, INLAND seeks to restore the profound connection between a destination and those who belong to it.




In the hectic attempt to capture a place, to glimpse it from the outside, and to frame it within the hazy glass of our detached perspective - we forget to take a step further.

To come close to the place we are visiting means to remind ourselves of what it inherently is: a theatre of whirling patterns that merge into a sense of belonging, a communal identity shaped by singular paths coming together. A place is only the seeming protagonist of stories lived by people. The truth behind its surface lies in the discovery of those stories. The gate to its inner essence is opened by their vivid individuality. To understand a place, we hence need to explore those who inhabit it.

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