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Index / 4

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Nº04: The Self-Care Issue

In this issue, we look at the term self-care and how it manifests in contemporary culture. Antwaun Sargent and Emily Bode each discuss their meteoric rise as they set the tone for a positive future of art and style. Editor-in-chief Adam Bryce talks to Oma’s David Gianotten about the architecture firm’s unique approach to creating better communities via critical thinking and context.


Clément Pascal, Jessica Willis, Alicia Sciberras, Derek Henderson, Vivien Vittadello, Romy Safiyah, Flora Huddart, Tung Walsh and more collaborate to create fashion photoshoots abound with self-expression. Writer Zeba Blay interviews artist Cassi Namoda on painting as a spiritual practice. Adam Mcewen talks about the blurred lines between history and fiction. And much more.


Art — Adam Mcewen, Cassi Namoda, Antwaun Sargent, Celia Pym, Julia Gutman, Allesandro Furchino Capria, Hannah Rose, Olivia Laing. Fashion — Emily Bode photographed by Shaniqwa Jarvis, off the grid by Amie Milne and Vivien Vittadello, Escape by Carly Scott and Lola Chatterton, flushing cuts by Clément Pascal, Jessica Willis, Alicia Sciberras, under the sun by Derek Henderson and Vivien Vittadello, Zone Out by Mia Rankin and Romy Safiyah, Express Yourself by Tung Walsh and Flora Huddart, Port Tanger. Design — David Gianotten of Oma, Shin Okuda of Waka Waka.




Index Magazine is a quarterly magazine that looks at contemporary culture through a conscious lens. Index focuses on social and cultural themes and how they manifest themselves and affect fashion, art and design. Index Magazine was founded in 2020 in New Zealand, edited by Adam Bryce and art directed by Sara Black. Their team of contributors are dotted around the world, encouraging a truly global look at fashion, art and design.

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