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I Came For Couscous magazine - issue 3 - Reading Room

I Came For Couscous / 3




Featuring artist Abderrahim Yamou & journalist Amine Boushaba, photographers Mouna Saboni & Hicham Gardaf, magazine editor Meryem Sebti & art historian Brahim Alaoui, artists Amina Agueznay & Mariam Abouzid Souali, artist Mo Baala & assistant gallery manager  Flavien Louh, cultural consultant Marta Carrascosa & artist Yassine Balbzioui, permaculture farmer Souhail Tazi & artist Amina Benbouchta, and photographer Ismail Zaidy & his parents, for snippets of conversations overheard aboard a 1960 Jaguar MK2 during 1-54 Marrakech art fair; Mouna Akl, the director of Costa Brava, Lebanon, interviewed by Lebanese journalist and writer Gilles Khoury; Divers perspectives on what means “being an Arab man”; A talk between researcher Paul Mattar and Abou Saleh, a former dhow singer in Kuwait; Karim Chater (aka Style Beldi) along with his photographer partner Abelaziz El Berdai; Writer Abdelkader Benali & photographer Rachid Ouetassi for a poetic wander through a twilight Tangier; An open call launched by I Came For Couscous & Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech for young designers and fashion students from the MENA region and its diaspora; A conversation between artist Ghizlane Sahli and Alain Canonne under the mango trees of Ouagadougou; The great History of Arab Surrealism by Laurent Doucet, the poet and director of the Maison André Breton in Saint-Cirq-Lapopie in France ; Mouna Saboni's poem and photos; Six chefs, couscous masters — Joumana Jacob, Harouna Sow, Youssef Gastli, Sami Tamimi, Abdel Alaoui, and Mareme Cissé —, share their recipes with journalist and writer Farah Keram as Dora Dalila Cheffi paints their portraits.




I Came For Couscous is an independent magazine highlighting unique voices and creative minds from Arab cultures and backgrounds. Interweaving pluralistic individual narratives, the magazine champions the values of multiculturality and otherness for connected and curious readers who explore the world around them with engagement and freedom.

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