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Hube magazine - issue 2 - Reading Room


Hube / 2


hube no. 2


Welcome to our second issue.


This time, we unveil three covers featuring the dazzling creative energies of choreographer DAMIEN JALET, fashion historian OLIVIER SAILLARD, and model CEVAL.


We put illusions in the spotlight, focusing on our ability to dream, aspire, and hope. The very things that elevate us as humans.


As the future exists only in our imagination, we invite you to dive into the imaginary worlds of our remarkable contributors where…


…OLIVIER SAILLARD, the Director of Fondation Azzedine Alaïa, with his long-time collaborator TILDA SWINTON, explores the “poetic vocation of performance” through the archives of fashion museums, couture-level craftsmanship, and sartorial worlds. 


…spirituality, kinetic power, and visceral energy of the human body is witnessed on set with French-Belgian contemporary choreographer and dancer DAMIEN JALET, as documented by photographer TAREK MAWAD.


…another sensational shoot takes place in Barcelona. Model and activist CEVAL is captured by TXEMA YESTE and styled by GABRIELLA NORBERG.


…we meet the professor of philosophy who argues that philosophy is ridiculous. SIMON CRITCHLEY truly believes that great poetry is superior to great philosophy. Does humanity actually need more jokes and poems?


…we’ve been reconstructing realities with artist REFIK ANADOL. A truly sensorial and disruptive experience through beautiful abstract forms, colors, and simulated textures. 


…GABRIELLE BUFFONG talks to MILES GREENBERG about his latest performance inspired by the painting actions of the late Viennese artist HERMANN NITSCH.


…DRIFT takes us into their artistic fantasy, masterfully combining theatricality and technology, emotions, and logic. 


…YOSHIKAZU YAMAGATA tells about his unconventional vision for the Coconogacco School and invites us to explore the students’ exhibition via the lens of TAKASHI HOMMA.


…symbiosis comes once again in the hands of photographer DAVEY SUTTON and hube fashion director GABRIELLA NORBERG: NIKI GEUX shares her secrets on the streets of Paris wearing the latest designs of Prada, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Kenzo, Versace, Dolce&Gabbana, Ferragamo, and Givenchy.


…performance artist LAURA ANDERSON BARBATA addresses social justice, sustainability, and our aspiration to the future. 


…we explore the latest works of two exceptional contemporary artists: AMOAKO BOAFO and XAVIER VAILHAN.


…the French landscaper LOUIS BENECH speaks about gardens and their relationship to art, time, and religion. While VIVIANE SASSEN and EMANUELE COCCIA redefine nature in their beautiful Modern Alchemy essay (2021).






hube is an independent print journal that is published quarterly. It is focused on art, fashion, science, technology, aesthetics, society, and philosophy.

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