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Hinterlands Magazine - Issue 1 - Reading Room


Hinterlands / 1


no.1: Blue / The blue issue of the hinterlands magazine assembles rural realities in 17 contributions from European rural regions and villages. The magazine combines reports, essays and photographic series related to the colour blue.


“Starting with blue, hinterlands magazine explores the rural and non-urban in each issue through a different colour. Looking at various places, formats and facets, the magazine brings together the individual and the transnational, it sheds light on narratives which might otherwise remain hidden in the newspapers’ local sections or in the unwritten memories of a village youth.”


Editorial Editorial team: Hanna Döring, Freia Kuper, Maike Suhr


Graphic Design: Till Hormann Illustration: Lasse Wandschneider


Contributing authors: Duygu Atçeken, Anita Back, Anna Barbieri, Federica Buzzi, Fabio Davit, Hanna Döring, Ştefan Ionescu-Ambrosie, Marissa Klaver, Ola Korbańska, Irina Lazarova, Daniel Mayr, Vasso Paraschi, Anna Quinz, Stefan Schocher, Jana Schütt, Evžen Sobek, Maike Suhr, Mirishahe Syla, Hanne Trede


hinterlands is a print magazine for rural realities and narratives from Europe’s countrysides. In reports, essayistic prose and photographic formats, hinterlands magazine presents local rural reporting and creates a transgressive understanding of rurality.


Each issue appears in one colour that connects the plurality of contributions like different shades. For the first issue we get through, tangled up in blue. We warmly invite submissions.

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