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Hero magazine - issue 31 - Reading Room


Hero / 31

€ 14,50Prezzo

Limited Edition


Hero is our antidote to the stuffy and over-thought cultural dryness that has gripped menswear publishing.


We strive to make a magazine and website that are not afraid to be visually led and arresting – have beautiful photography, amazing fashion and great, informal interviews with actors, designers and friends – and for that to be something to celebrate and revel in.


Our emphatic definition of the season is a joyously curated vision of what we love. No filler news pieces or fluff articles, just pure and bold statements. We are read by taste-making men in their twenties, thirties and forties who love fashion and culture, and want to be excited by it again.


Our approach to fashion is celebratory and zealous. Embracing the styling, foregrounding the clothes.


In this issue:


Ross Lynch shapes a defining era for The Driver Era – their latest hit, Get Off My Phone, is a goosebump-inducing thumper. With a sell-out South American tour on the horizon, and empowered by a die-hard fanbase who scream as loud in person as on social media, Lynch earns his status as a generational heartthrob and 21st-century internet boyfriend, cutting the silhouette of a modern-day stage icon.

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