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Herdes magazine - issue 14 - Reading Room

Herdes / 14




With our 14th issue, we celebrate a new way of traveling and looking at fashion in a post-pandemic era. The term slow – referring to slow-travel and slow-fashion – is redefining both industries and HERDES wants to be a forerunner of this philosophy and lifestyle, in which importance is given to quality and savoir-faire, compared to to fast and irresponsible consumerism. 


For this reason, we want to capture this philosophy together with the slow-reading concept, in which each issue is designed independently and made according to the content and destination, exploring different types of paper, fonts and layout, with a book format and a finish. exquisite. With this we want to go beyond the established canons of periodical publications and turning our publication into a collector's item for the most demanding bookstores and coffee tables.


The Icelandic Issue kicks off this new concept, where slow-travel is very present, a place where you can calmly explain its regions, its culture and its language. As well as understanding their traditions, their way of life, their gastronomy, their products and their beautiful surroundings.


Iceland is a complex country — due to its climate and geography — but one of incalculable beauty. Therefore, the customs are quite marked and somewhat peculiar. We all know that the Icelanders descend from the Vikings, strong and rigid but very clean warriors, therefore, water is a vital element in their lives, either because it is a source of life, they are surrounded by it or because they use it as baths. hot springs thanks also to its volcanic geography.


Due to the extreme climate, they are very homely people, so they usually do their social life at home and when the weather doesn't allow them to go out, they spend their time reading and doing artistic activities. That is why we can find a lot of talent at an artistic and design level. 


In this issue we show you some of these talents, the most natural and beautiful corners of this island and the most cosmopolitan side of its capital. 




Herdes is a cutting-edge, biannual travel and fashion publication connecting and inspiring a global community of creative individuals passionate about exploring the world. 


Launched in 2016, Herdes has become the go-to source for style-leading trends, providing readers with visually stunning and innovative storytelling through its highly-regarded magazine sold in 19 countries, its weekly posts on and additional paper works like The Getaway and Breathtaking Hideaways Collection.v

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