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Hapax magazine - issue 3 - Reading Room


Hapax / 3


Issue 3 / Winter 2022/23


Including newly commissioned works by Amin Yousefi, Paulina Korobkiewicz, Immaculata Abba, Alexander Mourant and Helen Sear. With a new curation from Rica Cerbarano, bringing together work from Anthony Luvera, Gohar Dashti and Mentalgassi.




Hapax Magazine, led by co-editors Christiane Monarchi and Gordon MacDonald, redefines the traditional visual arts magazine by focusing on generating fresh images and ideas. They support artists and authors in their creative endeavors, catering to a global audience. The name "Hapax Magazine" is derived from the term 'hapax legomenon,' representing a singular, distinctive departure in an artist's body of work, a one-time creative expression.

Hapax Magazine manifests this concept visually by collaborating with lens-based artists and curators worldwide, encouraging them to explore novel concepts that deviate from their established artistic styles. The outcome is a magazine that stands apart from the conventional model, presenting content that is entirely new and exclusive to its printed pages. In an era saturated with visual content and repetitive ideas, Hapax Magazine provides a platform to nurture innovative concepts, share them with an eager audience, and preserve their uniqueness. 

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