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Gusher / 3


Gusher / 3

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Profiles of / interviews with:
Kathleen Hanna
Courtney Barnett
Cat Power
Alice Bag
Vaginal Davis
Divide and Dissolve
Julia Jacklin
JD Samson
Shannon Shaw
Alice Skye
Amyl and the Sniffers
Lisa Darms, punk archivist

Plus a reported story on Brazilian drumming group Banda Didá, a look at queer futurism in pop music and a feature on French Pop star and alleged murderer Claudine Longet... plus much, much more!




Gusher is an annual print magazine about rock music, written and created entirely by women and genderqueer creatives. Showcasing diverse voices in music journalism, Gusher aims to foster an intelligent and inclusive dialogue about rock music.
Gusher presents unique perspectives to breathe new life into the canon of rock criticism that, can at times, feel stagnant and uninspired.

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