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Glory magazine - Milan issue - Reading Room


Glory / Milan

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"Glory City Stories: Milan" is an issue of the Glory publication that highlights the football culture in Milan. The focus is on Milan's two major football clubs, AC Milan and Internazionale, and their significant rivalry known as the Derby della Madonnina. The magazine covers stories from fans of both clubs, delves into the rivalry's impact on the fashion world, and profiles notable figures like Ronaldo, Javier Zanetti, and Franco Baresi. It also sheds light on smaller clubs in Milan and explores various aspects of Milan's culture, including food and fashion. The publication is done in collaboration with Euro Ticket Club and includes a visit to Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, commonly known as San Siro.




"Glory" is a prestigious football and travel publication that seeks to rediscover the essence of the "beautiful game." The publication's focus is on exploring diverse and unique football cultures around the world, including remote, exotic, and unconventional destinations. The team behind Glory comprises accomplished designers, writers, and photographers who share a deep passion for football. Their mission is to go beyond the mainstream elite leagues, showcasing the enthusiasm of devoted fans in lesser-known regions where football holds a special place. The publication aims to unveil the true glory of football by looking beyond the aspects of money, glamour, and trophies.

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