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Gaze magazine - issue 7 - Reading Room


Gaze / 7

€ 23,00Prezzo

We have been told stories from a masculine perspective for so long that we are in desperate need of alternative storytelling! With this ambition in mind, Gaze, the magazine of female perspectives, was born in 2020. Presenting intimate storytelling, immersive reporting, and a ton of photography, it is an inclusive platform for the female gaze, both in text and image, entirely designed and created by women and non-binary people, that explores the social, intimate, and cultural aspects of womanhood.

A forum where twice a year, the voices of grand dames and debutantes, young and old, queer and straight, the expected and the uninvited, are gathered together in a precious coffee table print edition in both French and English.

As far removed as possible from standardised reports, from throwaway magazines and from stories that are old news five minutes after being printed, each issue is designed for you to cherish and keep. A sensitive and inspiring perspective on intersectional feminism.

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