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Frankenstein magazine - issue 8.1 - Reading Room

Frankenstein / 8.1

€ 25,00Prezzo

A package with suspicious contents, a sleeping giant in the center of a village, an apartment that changes its shape. Crazy laws of physics, dysfunctional families and travel diaries: all this and much more in the second Frankenstein anthology dedicated to writing.

Presented at Triennale Milano, September 2023.

Among the authors: Paolo Cattaneo, Obelo Studio, Ken Liu, Michelangelo Setola, Simone Rizzi, Roberto La Forgia, Simone Sauza, Studio Temp etc.




Frankenstein Magazine is an independent editorial project of the cultural association Aldebaran Studio. A magazine-container intent on promoting experimental and research content, touching across figurative arts and creative writing, with a particular focus on author comics.

The hallmark of the magazine is heterogeneity, and the most disparate themes and aesthetics coexist in the choice of authors called upon to collaborate.

A strong point of the project is inclusiveness, on all fronts, which then translates into the diversity of the collaborators involved. Another of our principles is to guarantee maximum freedom of expression, offering a space of freedom for authors.

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