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Folios / 6

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This edition of Folios redefines the meaning of creativity, not just as a frivolity or luxury, but as an essential skill that is innate in all people.
A skill that is changing the world from South Africa to Venezuela, to Palestine, to Congo, to Sudan, Ukraine, and many parts of the world that are, in the words of trans public intellectual Bayo Akomolafe, who is featured herein, experiencing unbridled cracks that we cannot afford to smooth over as we have in the past. But cracks which are a ‘monster’s gift’. The Law ofCreativity is about understanding creativity as foundational for a society as law is.




"Folios" is the cultural publication of the Moleskine Foundation, launched in New York in 2019 during the International Exhibition "I Had a Dream." It is written in English, with a frequency of 2-3 issues per year, and is published in Italy.

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