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Foam magazine - issue 65 - Reading Room


foam / 65

€ 30,00Prezzo

MISSING MIRROR — Photography Through the Lens of AI is a multidimensional project hosted by Foam, combining an exhibition, digital platform, and magazine. Together we look at the growing overlaps between art, technology, and society, exploring how the recent advancements in AI impact our relationship with the image, ourselves, and our perception of reality. How do we form a truthful image of the world when credibility is questioned? And vice versa, how do we recognise ourselves in the images around us?



Alexey Yurenev

Clément Lambelet

Akosua Viktoria


Juan Manuel Lara

Take Elwes

Brea Souders

Lynn Hershman Leeson

Tan Chui Mui

Vishal Kumaraswamy

Jonas Bendiksen

Gregory Eddi Jones

Leda Sadotti

Maria Mavropoulou

Toan Fontcuberta & Pilar Rosado

Igi Lola Avedun

Morehshin Allahvari

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