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Foam magazine - issue 64 - Reading Room


foam / 64

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"EXTREMES — The Environmental Issue" discusses the modern human-nature relationship, focusing on abundance and scarcity. It addresses Anthropocene challenges such as industrialization, overpopulation, consumerism, inequality, and habitat destruction. The magazine encourages exploration of this issue from both perspectives, recognizing interconnectedness. It features a portfolio of narratives by 16 artists and insightful essays envisioning a sustainable future. Notable discussions include inclusivity and environmental destruction by Wanda Nanibush, and the use of AI to envision decolonial futures. The feature film section includes an interview with Sunil Gupta and portraits by Charan Singh. The magazine also highlights Demet Yıldız Dinçer's bookshelf and showcases new works by Breno Rotatori and Sara Cwynar, both Foam talent alumni.




Foam Magazine is an international photography magazine and serves as a platform for all kinds of photography: from documentary to fashion and contemporary to historic, featuring both world-renowned image makers and relatively unknown emerging talent. Each issue contains multiple portfolios printed on carefully considered paper. Interviews and opinions by experts in the field of photography are combined with surprising and distinctive editorial choices.

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