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flash art volumes - issue 001 - readingroom

Flash Art Volumes / 001

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Over the past forty years, architecture has increasingly grappled with notions of responsibility and irresponsibility. Meanwhile design has been relegated to the realm of the “unnecessary” – a tantalizing visual boast. Design tends to prioritize beauty and evocation, whereas architecture delves into the portrayal and revelation of our darker tendencies, as exemplified by the raw, abrasive forcefulness of Brutalism. Flash Art Volumes: “Anti-Composition” is the first publication dedicated to such new (and forgotten) aesthetics.




Flash Art is an international quarterly magazine and publishing platform dedicated to contemporary art, exploring developments in the cultural landscape through the work of artists, writers, curators and various personalities from the art world. One of the oldest art magazines in Europe, Flash Art was founded in Rome in 1967 by the Italian art critic and publisher Giancarlo Politi, before moving to Milan in 1971. Originally published in Italian and English, the magazine was split into two publications in 1978 (Flash Art Italia and Flash Art International). Distributed worldwide, the magazine is one of the most widely read in its field and has become a benchmark in its field.

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