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Flash Art magazine - issue 343 - Reading Room

Flash Art / 343




FEATURES → ◯ Letter from the editor ◯ Like Sleeping Beauty. Anne Imhof in Conversation with Arthur Jafa ◯ General Idea: Cultural Criminals. AA Bronson in Conversation with Gracie Hadland ◯ Unpack Reveal Unleash Ardor, Attrition. P.Staff by Alex Bennett ◯ The Curist O’Flaherthy’s, New York. Jamian Juliano-Villani in Conversation with Whitney Mallett ◯ SEMIOFUCK Episode IV: Sleepnet/Eulogies by Armature Globale with Eliot Haworth ◯ A Nostalgia Queen. Richard Kennedy in Conversation with Eleonora Milani ◯ Visual Project Ventures Across Time. Ventura Profana by Bernardo José de Souza ◯ Critic Dispatch A Postmortem of #corecore by Y7 ◯ Show Them, Tell Them, Don’t Explain. Sara Sadik in Conversation with Ben Broome ◯ In Love, In Life, In Violence: The Art and Process of Unbecoming. Pol Taburet by Louisa Elderton ◯ A Way to Move Through It. Ligia Lewis in Conversation with Isabel Parkes ◯ Letter from the City BETTER PROBLEMS by Autumn Knight



REVIEWS → ◯ “Chryssa & New York” Dia Chelsea, New York by Chiara Mannarino ◯ Barbara T. Smith “The Way to Be” Getty Center, Los Angeles by Emma Kemp ◯ Ndayé Kouagou Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris by Lillian Davies ◯ Isaac Julien “What Freedom Is to Me” Tate Britain, London by Phoebe Cripps ◯ (LA)HORDE Julia Stoschek Foundation, Berlin by Estelle Hoy ◯ Marc Camille Chaimowicz “Nuit Américaine” WIELS, Brussels by João Laia ◯ Roni Horn “I am paralyzed with hope” Centro Botín, Santander by Joaquín Jesús Sánchez




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