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Fare magazine - issue 14 Mexico City - Reading Room


Fare / Mexico City

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Sitting atop ancient ruins and once-vast lakes, today's Mexico City is both humming with history and hungry for change.


Walk the canal-lined floating farms of Xochimilco, where the last vestiges of the city’s ancient agriculture still thrive


Meet chef-activists Saqib Keval and Norma Listman, who interweave their culinary heritages in a workplace built on change 


Visit the studio of Afro-Mexican ceramicist Dagoberto Gonzalez, whose clay work is crafted from the volcanic black sands of his ancestor’s villages


Breathe in a burst of colour in the Mercado de Jamaica, a densely packed flower market named for its vibrant purple dried hibiscus flowers


Watch taqueros spin out plates of tacos al pastor, the city-wide favourite with Ottoman origins




Fare is a bi-annual print publication exploring city culture through the intersection of food, history, and community.  Each issue is guided by locals of the city. We try to use as many local writers, photographers, and illustrators as possible, so that in addition to expert insight, you also get a sense of the creative aesthetic.

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