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Fact magazine - issue 6 - Reading Room


Fact / 6


This issue of Fact shines a spotlight on artists who are creating remarkable experiences where art and music intersect: Devon Turnbull, whose serene Listening Room will find a permanent home at 180 Studios in 2023; BAMBII, the breakthrough DJ/producer inspired by her Jamaican roots shapes not only how we listen to music, but how we gather and dance; Ibby Njoya, a 180 Studios resident, whose mesmerising, hyper-colourful digital paintings were produced exclusively for this issue; McKenzie Wark, whose written homage to the transcendental power of club music is both deeply personal and universally powerful; and Evian Christ and 333EYMBW, who are pushing electronic art in new directions, evident in both their music and their creative collaborations for Fact 06.





Over the last 20 years, Fact magazine has operated at the intersection between electronic music and cutting edge contemporary art. A part of The Vinyl Factory Group, Fact engages with a global audience of over 1million readers via its audio visual online channel, and is now relanching its much loved print magazine in a new format this year. Each issue will launch in tandem with a major exhibition at 180 The Strand, curated and presented by Fact.

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