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Eye magazine - issue 105 - Reading Room


Eye / 105

€ 34,90Prezzo

On this new issue:

Marian Bantjes on AI
Brian Collins
Tomoko Miho
Dennis Gould
Sonya Dyakova





Eye, the international review of graphic design.

It defines itself as "the international review of graphic design" and, in fact, the magazine founded in 1990 by Rick Poynor and today directed by John L. Walters can be considered somewhat of the bible of the sector. Every quarter, Eye puts the latest graphics trends in black and white (and other colors). The white, then, is not left to chance, but is that of three different types of paper that make up one of the most collected and curated magazines in the world. The focus of the magazine is graphics and visual arts, explored with insights, interviews, comments, reviews and images.

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