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extra extra - issue 22 - readingroom


Extra Extra / 22

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Are you ready to step into the mischievous pages of Extra Extra issue 22, your bi-annual ticket to the realms of desire and exploration? Inside, visual artist Viviane Sassen opens up a vibrant world, where shadows dance and colours pulse, tempting us to lose ourselves in the maze of her images. Join us in the sensual choreography of Akram Khan, where together with dramaturge Judith Vrancken, they delve into his vast sensorial practice, vertical versus horizontal time and the pleasure of drowning. Take a midnight ride with researcher Oguz Alyanak through the streets of Strasbourg, where Turkish men reveal the secrets of their nocturnal adventures, or transport yourself into painter Sophie von Hellermann’s dreamlike imagery which blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. In conversation with Frieze curator Fatos Ustek, wonderful film and installation artist Isaac Julien challenges our perceptions, urging us to question the very fabric of our understanding. In ‘News from Home’ poet Iduna Paalman beckons us into the lush green sanctuaries of Rotterdam’s allotment gardens, where nature’s allure meets urban, and sensuality.

Ever wondered about the psychology of desire from a dominatrix’s perspective? Fashion editor Julia Silverberg unveils the intriguing world of Eva Oh, shedding light on the intricacies of power and pleasure. In our feature ‘Object of Desire,’ writer and cartoonist Kawai Shen seduces us with the intoxicating allure of perfume, each scent a whispered promise of memories and devotion. Meanwhile, author Leïla Slimani strips away societal taboos to explore the hidden depths of female lust in an interview with screenwriter Abbie Boutkabout. We are also proud to feature the work of designer Chris Kabel who brings a plaster cast of the Borghese Gladiator to life with Hidden Color cards that cast traces of various amorous escapes. With each turn of the page, issue 22 of Extra Extra seduces us into a world of sensual delights and intellectual revelations, daring us to embrace the unknown and revel in the richness of human desire.




Extra Extra is a multidisciplinary platform exploring eroticism and culture. We are delighted to share stories we first listened to in the metro, at office parties, in hotel rooms and in the park at the heart of our neighborhood. Our online platform, biennial print magazine, temporary projects and live events celebrate mundane and sensual city life. Featuring commissioned essays, new works, short stories and in-depth conversations between creative minds of all disciplines.

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