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Even Magazine - Issue 10 - Reading Room


Even / 10


Art is long, life is short, goes the aphorism. That leaves out a third player: the planet lasts longest of all, and treats human life and human art with equal disregard.




Ten issues of Even were published between 2015 and 2018: serious yet irreverent, and aiming to bridge the misunderstood gap between culture and the world. Each issue contained three extensive essays; four reviews that each took in multiple exhibitions at different museums and galleries; two in-depth interviews with world-leading artists and architects; exhibition previews and shorter salvos; and a portfolio specially conceived for each issue by one of today’s most promising young talents.

Even was published three times a year, in a medium-sized format and on rather handsome paper, by a team of sleep-deprived New Yorkers: Jason Farago was the editor, Rebecca Ann Siegel was the publisher, and Common Name was on design.