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Even Magazine - Issue 9 - Reading Room


Even / 9

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Brussels has become a cultural and artistic centre in recent years, despite not being known for its nightlife or appearance. Robert Menasse, chose Brussels as the place to tell the story by embracing different European cultures and languages, emphasising the importance of overcoming national obsessions to create a common culture. Issue nine of Even is described as profoundly European: it addresses current changes and challenges on the continent, such as Brexit and the creation of an avant-garde identity that overcomes cultural differences. Brussels is seen as a test case for whether we can really live together in a borderless future. It also features interviews with various artists exploring cultural and social issues in Europe.




Unlike other magazines, Even’s reviews cover multiple exhibitions at museums and galleries to provide much needed context. Each issue also features two in-depth interviews, in which artists discuss their work as it relates to the world at large, and a portfolio specially conceived for each issue by one of today’s most promising young talents.

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