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Epoch magazine - issue 1 - Reading Room


Epoch / 1


EPOCH is a new publication placing the now in dialogue with history. With contributors including pioneering musician Laraaji, curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, artists Wolfgang Tillmans, Torbjørn Rødland and Frida Orupabo, photographers Camille Vivier, Lea Colombo, Nabil Elderkin, Jonas Lindstroem and many more. The first issue is loosely themed around the idea of RITUAL. From the shamanistic to the everyday, the modern to the Palaeolithic. The aim is to highlight how ritual is intertwined with ideas of aesthetics and meaning, expression and transcendence, society and the individual.




SpaghettiMag is a fashion, beauty & lifestyle magazine and goes over trends putting its biannual printed edition as a collectible product. 

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